Like all marsupilami young, the children of Mars and Mia were born from fruit-shaped eggs, but while most families have one child at a time, this lucky couple have triplets: 2 boys and 1 girl. According to Native Polombian Legends, if a Marsupilami family has multiple births, the children name themselves. The two-syllable birthing cries of all three prove the stories are true:

Bibi- the first born of the three, and the one daughter. Like both her parents, she has spots, but has the strongest resemblance to her mother, especially with a small flower on her head. She takes after her father in naive optimism.

Bibu- the second born of the three, and the eldest son. Being born without spots, he's just a little yellow guy with a big tail (and no Spotted Fruit can fix that). He is the most sensitive of the three, as he cries even when not hurt.

Bobo- the last born of the three, and the youngest son. Took the longest to hatch; day turned to night, and he has dark blue fur (a sign he might be alpha someday, much to his siblings' envy). He's a scrapper, like his mother.

The triplets tend to be tied to each other (not just literally, as that happens to their tails when they get up in the morning) as they do so much together, most often getting in and out of trouble.

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