In Spotless Records spotloss is a big problem to the Marsupilami species (at least among those born with spots), and being misplaced wildlife makes Mars more prone to hiccup or sneeze off his spots in times of sickness... thankfully, the African Jungle has atleast one Spotted Fruit Tree on the other side from his preferred picnic area. (to those with an eye for detail, the tree itself is shaped and colored like a head of a yellow marsupilami with black spots... though the spotted fruit, harvested and up-close, is blue with red spots.) The fruit isn't the most appealing flavor, appearently, as Mars stated upon swallowing one tail-spoonful: "Blah! Well, I've... tasted worse."

While it's spot-restoring prowess is fast-acting, the fruit has a side-effect: one might sneeze the spots off as soon as they grow back. The there are only two ways to fix that: Cover yourself in ape-saliva (Maurice) and roll in the spots on the ground until they stick like post-stamps, or (if simular plants exist in Polombia, which is most likely) to take precautions with the right herbal hemedies along-side the fruit so, when and if the sneeze comes, the spots won't fall off.

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