Maurice is Marsupilami's silent purple gorilla friend in a pink shirt. He is sometimes stupid but smart. His burps and grunts are provided by Jim Cummings (who also provided the voice of Marsupilami's enemy, Norman).

Even though Maurice cannot speak, As mentioned in Normzan of the Jungle (An episode of Marsupilami), Marsupilami said "Maurice, Snap out of it! Say something!" then realized and said "Oh, He can't talk!" This was prone to happen, as Maurice communicates to Marsupilami with grunting, burping, and unusual jestures (in another episode, Cropsy-Turvy, it's revealed that sucking bananas down his nose means "No."), plus does speak a few simple phrases like "Cool" (towards the end of Normzan of the Jungle, when freed from jungle ape-talk mind-control by the sight of bananas), "Oh Baby!" (in the episode Prime Mates Forever, when he fell head-over-bananas for the "gorilla his dreams"), and "Uh-uh!" (in Royal Foil, when Mars took credit for his knowing all along "Inspector Norman" was a phony creep of a crook.)

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