The Chicxulub orchid (also known as the "Sky Water Flower", "Miracle Blossom" or "Heart of Marsupiquatl") is hardly an orchid at all, but an underwater plant that grows in cinote wells, especially the ones that are created by meteors centuries ago. Legend has it that, even in a condition when the creature can't breathe underwater, only a Marsupilami could be able to find and harvest this plant, as many who tell the tale claim it was the first, and least complex vesion of the skystone poison antidote. Others who tell of it say it is the closest any mere mortal can get to the fabled Fountain of Youth, and whoever ate it will have a longer lifespan. That is why in HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami, a dictator and other wackos are using the discovery of two unlikely heroes (an idiot News Reporter from New York City and a nieve Vetrinarian who's down on his luck) to their advantage, unaware of a prophesy revolving around the plant that might undo the tyranny.

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