Brenham Backalive
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Brenham Backalive (or Bring M. Backalive, as alternatively spelt, either way he's addressed as just "Bring") is a Marsupilami hunter who goes too far in attempts to catch the rare animal for the name of fame and fortune, but being comedically idiotic, the marsupilami (and the people who help the creature) see flaws in his impulsive technecks before he does. He's a noble hunter though, for if something threatens the life of the animal he obsesively tracks, he gives his rival a moment of silence, hat off in respect, before running off like the sencitive-stomached coward he really is... unlike the previous hunter Backalive, whom this one got his obssesion from (kind-of a "like father like son" issue), via the fact that the "old man" killed a family of marsupilamis in attempts succeed, but finds out too late they are more likely genuine value, well, back alive.

Brenham follows in his father's footsteps as an idiotic marsu-hunter (claims he lived and hunted in the jungles of Polombia for twenty years of his life), but is so obsessed with succeeding that he almost becomes as lethal as the previous generation, via the poison stone, and he never wins, because he obviously never been outside the jungle enough to do things that give him required skills learned from socializing with other humans (take school, for example). Some say that he barely counts as a human anymore.

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