First Appeared in Safari so Good, though mentioned earlier in Romancing the Clone, in which her nephew, Norman, borrowed her "mating costume" to con a photographer as over-inthusiastic as she is (especially in an excited quest to take a snapshot of a real marsupilami). Aunt Minnie is Norman's aunt, who is an unwitting bad role-model, for although she burdens him with her towering luggage and (sometimes) her own body weight when she needs to get down from something, she calls Norman her "Lazy Nephew" and even a "Fat Head". Dispite her belittling Norman, Aunt Minnie is actually a kind, caring, and doubtlessly bubbly woman. No doubt she knew all along that Norman was a con-man, as although an adult he still gets his allowance from her, and she never really hurt him until he tackled her, explained he was after Mars (her favorite Photography Subject on the African Safari, whom she calls "Fluffums", "Dear", and her "Sweet Little Safari Friend", much to Norman's envy) and asked: "Does this mean you'll cut my allowance now." her responce was, with her purse held high: "Oh no, deary... Now I'm going to clobber you! And Then I'll cut your allowance!" Mars uses her camera to snapshot her first good hit, and the deveoped photo to cover up the rest of the family struggle.